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  KanZa Facial Therapy



Massage Benefits

  • reaches deep layers of muscles
  • smoothes conective tissue (fascia)
  • relieves stress on joints
  • releases contracted tissue (knots)
  • relieves pressure points throughout the body
  • increase the blood flow to your heart
  • decreases muscle toxins
  • increases oxygen levels in the blood
  • improves flexibility in the body
  • balances body functions
  • creates feeling of euphoria (my personal fave) 


PhotoBioModulation: Light Therapy

Cutting edge healing

  • reduces inflammation
  • speeds healing process
  • excites mitochondria of the cells
  • relieves pain
  • *cannot be used within 2 weeks of steroids
  • *cannot be used with open malignant skin abrasions


Gini Maddocks, LMT   

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

30+ years

  •  Swedish
  •  Myofascial Release
  •  Neuromuscular
  •  Deep Tissue
  •  Trigger Therapy
  •  Reflexology
  •  Trager Therapy

Your comfort is my goal.


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